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Fresh Out of School and Ready to Buy Your First House

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Good news, you graduated and got your first job and a nice salary too. Bad news is you don't have much employment history since you just started your new job. How does one purchase a home with no real employment history or tax returns? Glad you asked. It's possible to purchase a home even if you just got started with your new job, as long as we are able to establish that you were studying for the last two years in the field that you are now working in.  Sound good?  Here's what you're going to need:

* Copy of college transcript

* Copy of employment offer letter

* One month's paystubs

* Two month's bank statements

* Copy of driver's license

Hope that helps. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at 949.667.2887 or

- Brian Nguyen is a senior loan consultant (NMLS 659743) who learned more about this stuff than he ever intended to. The opinions expressed here are solely his own.

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