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10 Savings Hacks That Will Change Your Life Right Now

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Helping my clients save money doesn't just stop when the loan transaction is over. Here are a few tips that will help you with your monthly budget, to keep your cash flow healthy and the mortgage paid on time.

1. - save up to 40% on online purchases just by starting at this site. It's easy and it costs nothing to do. Basically, sites get paid to send traffic to company websites, and this one is just passing a part of that compensation back to you.

2. - you might end up spending more money on this site, but you have a full-time staff scouring every retailer for the best deals every day. This is indispensable if you are committed to making sure you pay the lowest price.

3. - this is a great site for anybody who's confused on how much something should cost. Services are a lot harder to shop for than products, but makes it easy.

4. - this is the go to site for travel deals. It also has restaurant and activity deals too. Again, stay off this site until you are ready to go travel, as it's easy to get swept away on more adventures.

5. LED lights - this is the easiest thing you can do to cut your electricity bill in half. These lights use 80% less electricity than incandescent lights.

6. - Need some work done around the house? Get bids with no cost or obligation here. It's an easier and safer way to get quotes. I would simply upload pictures so no need to have anyone come to the house to get an estimate.

7. - when online shopping, if ebates doesn't have you covered, make sure to check this site so you don't miss out on any promo codes that might give you an extra 15% off or free shipping.

8. Kids eat free - every family that has kids can appreciate how hard and expensive it can be to raise them. Every little bit helps, and so, it is invaluable that some restaurants will help feed your kids for free on certain days. The home chef needs a break every once in a while. Make sure you have your list handy of where to go when it's time to decide where to go eat out.

9. Credit Card Hacks - Many credit cards will offer lots of points for opening a credit card account with them. Those points are good for airfare, travel, merchandise, etc. In fact, my recent iphone 7 was paid for by an offer through Citi that required that I spend a few thousand in the first three months, which I later promptly paid off. This can be a great game of getting free travel and merch, but beware of running up the credit card balances and getting stuck with 20% interest rates. Once that happens, all of those free rewards won't make up for the heavy interest that you're paying.

10. - you can purchase discounted gift cards and save up to 30% off at many popular retailers and restaurants. These cards are backed by a one year guarantee.

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